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Why unique content is a must for organic SEO ranking in 2017

August 3, 2017, Written by 0 comment
Why unique content is a must for organic SEO ranking in 2017
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Aside from providing the world with something new, unique content creation is a must when trying to climb the ladder to Google first page glory. Too many times businesses (knowingly or unknowingly), either clone content across several different sites or sprinkle a little bit of “creative word dust” on existing content in the hopes of getting into better Google ranking position. This is a sure-fire way to fail before you get started and I will tell you why.

In a world of scanning bots and search engine development, having duplicated content will only hurt you because the internet machines can’t tell the difference between cloned content from you or copied from a competitor (or a lazy content writer) so the machine will always err on the side of caution and cancel out the duplicates.  Delivering engaging and unique content with qualified links to your site will please the Google gods and you will be rewarded with steady assent to the upper echelons of Google ranking and be top of the pops in no time.

How to defend yourself against a rise of the clones

There are some cases where duplicate content can’t be avoided such as Terms and Conditions or other legal documentation that may be used as standard across several different sites. You can relax. Google gets that and is lenient in these cases. Mother G is not happy in the cases of blatant coping or plagiarism and could penalise your site in that instance.

As a writer, I equip myself with a few tools to help refine my content and keep everything looking the way it should. These tools can also be used by businesses to help find out where potential duplicates are hiding and stop the copying monster in its tracks.

First up – Copyscape

Copyscape is a great free tool used to compare your pages to everything available on the internet. Simply paste the pages text in the search bar and let Copyscape have a look to see if the content exists anywhere else. This site offers cool features like “Copysentry” to prevent YOU from being a victim of lazy content writers by scanning the internet every week for copies of your pages just in case someone tries to play fast and loose with your content.

Grammerly – Another well used tool of mine, Grammerly premium offers a plagiarism feature that automatically scans the internet for the same text. This comes in handy when you want to know if you are unknowingly playing in someone eles front yard which can keep you out of legal trouble or at the very least, reduce the risk of embarrassment.

Copyleaks – This tool is widely used by students but also offers a great business function for checking authenticity of documents. Easy to use with little fuss and is great for one off searches.

Time for reflection

The main thing to take away from this is that regardless of who you are, if you need quality content you must make sure that what you are offering is 100% authentic and is adding value to the readers. It is sometimes hard to come up with great content but if you are struggling, there is a vast pool of talented writers out there who could be up to the task.

If you are going to handle your content writing in-house, remember to keep it real, have fun and give the internet what it wants. If you play the game this way, you will be swimming in leads for your business and engaging with people from around the world in no time at all.