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Top tips for marketing and promoting your reseller web hosting business

November 11, 2014, Written by 0 comment
Top tips for marketing and promoting your reseller web hosting business
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Starting a reseller hosting business can provide ample opportunities to generate solid, ongoing revenues with minimal resources.

Arm yourself with a small amount of money and a decent understanding of the web hosting industry, and with a bit of effort, your new web hosting business could be off to a flying start.

Once you’re up and running however, you’ll need a steady stream of customers if you’re going to stand any chance of lasting success.

With that in mind, it’s time to start your marketing and promotional efforts. Providing you stay within the rules, the web offers all sorts of ways to get creative in the search for new clients.reseller-hosting

Just getting started and brainstorming ideas for your new venture? Here’s a few of our top tips to successfully promote your reseller hosting business.


Start with your existing customers

There’s two ways to do this, and we’ll discuss one of them in a moment. For now though, we’re going to concentrate on those past and present clients who you’ve provided web-based services to in the past.

Get in touch, give them a call, send them an email. However you normally communicate with your clients, use that channel to let them know about your business and the fantastic deals on cheap web hosting you can offer them.


Offer referrals

Your existing customers are actually the best way to generate completely new ones. As the experts will tell you, no form of marketing or advertising is quite as effective as word of mouth, one happy customer telling their friends or contacts about the good service you provided and recommending your business.

With that in mind, make it worth your customers’ while to tell their friends about your business. Perhaps you could offer them a year’s free hosting, cash back offers or free premium upgrades when they recommend a new customer who signs up with your hosting company.


Create lots of content

Most of the time, you’ll find that those in the market for a new web hosting account head straight to their nearest search engine and snoop around those sites that hit the top of search results.

To create any kind of real, lasting success, its imperative that you get your site ranking highly among those results.

There are few better ways to do that than to keep your site updated with lots of fresh, valuable content, and we do mean valuable.

Nobody likes website content that comes stuffed with keywords yet provides no real benefit to the user, especially not Google, who will actually penalise your site for this kind of content.

Instead, provide the kind of materials your customers really want to read. Try advice articles on how to make the most of their hosting account, tutorials, answers to common questions for starters. Look at what works and expand on that.


Go social

It’s an obvious one, but one we can’t afford to ignore. Your social media networks offer a wealth of opportunity to spread the word about your new business. Create accounts specifically for your hosting company, invite your existing contacts to them, and, as above, provide them with valuable, useful content, not just your sales pitch.


Go offline

Naturally, you’ll likely have to invest a little more time and money here, but it may well prove worth it to tap into a resource that few other hosting companies think to use.

Can you take out ads in your local newspapers? Put up posters in highly visible areas? Create flyers and distribute them to local businesses? What can you do to really get your reseller hosting business in front of your customers, without competing against the scores of others all doing the same thing online?


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