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Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Increasing Your Website Traffic (2015)

January 16, 2015, Written by 0 comment
Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Increasing Your Website Traffic (2015)
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Few methods of increasing traffic to your website work quite as well as posting a fresh stream of engaging, informative blog content on a regular basis, though even that in itself is no guarantee that you’ll automatically achieve the kind of numbers you were hoping for.

Sure, setting up a WordPress blog as a vital component of your online presence is a good start, yet to really boost your traffic and attract the sort of visitors who’ll love what you have to say, it pays to optimise your site so that your every post can be found, shared and engaged with.

Thankfully, the web’s leading blogging platform already comes arms with a plethora of plugins to help you do just that. Ready to put them to good use in expanding your online audience? Here’s our top five WordPress to increase your website traffic.

WordPress SEO by Yoast


With over 14 million downloads and counting, Yoast plays a key role in the success of many leading websites such as Mashable and The Next Web. By providing a Google’s-eye-view of how your posts will look in search results, you see exactly what potential readers will see and can take steps to better optimise that post for search. This includes not only editing your page titles and descriptions as Google sees them, but also analysing just how many times your keywords  have been used in that post, ensuring that you’ve got everything down without venturing into the territory known as keyword spam.

Install Yoast, and it becomes integrated with your post editor page, saving you time and making your SEO that much simpler to deal with.

All in One SEO


Another immensely popular SEO plugin for WordPress, the All in One SEO Pack boasts a reputation as the only plugin of its kind to offer Search Engine Optimisation support for eCommerce sites running on WordPress.

It also does a whole lot more, including helping you to refine your site’s navigation for increased traffic, working with Google Analytics to bring you traffic reports that provide valuable data you can actually use, and steering you away from duplicate content that will likely harm your page ranking.

And that’s on top of all the usual things you’d expect from an SEO tool, such as the ability to generate and edit meta descriptions, optimise your page titles and more.

Tweet Old Post


As we march steadily onwards, publishing more and more fresh, new content on a daily or weekly basis, those old posts have a bad habit of being left behind. Whilst the more popular ones may still bring in the occasional click-through, for the most part, they’re often left languishing in the archives and doing very little for us.

With the Tweet Old Post plugin, you can keep your archived material working hard at bringing in website traffic long after their original post date.

Within just a few minutes of setting everything up and customising options such as the number of posts you want to send out per day, and even the URL shortner you use, you start blasting your old content out to Twitter and bringing in new traffic as a result.


As any good marketer will tell you, there’s no better way to promote your stuff than to have your existing audience do it for you.

Which is why installing a good social media sharing plugin should be a top priority when optimising your WordPress website to increase traffic.

There’s an abundance of such things out there, though few quite beat Sharebar.

As your readers scroll down the page, Sharebar goes with them, gently persuading them to share your content on their favourite social networks, thus encouraging their friends to come and check you out too.


LinkWithin in a popular plugin for displaying related blog entries at the end of your post, complete with thumbnails. The benefits of this are two-fold.


If a reader has enjoyed a particular post, chances are they’ll be interested in more on the same theme. By recommending your related posts, you’re keeping visitors on your site for longer, increasing the chance that they’ll share your material with a friend, start following you on social media for more updates, click an ad or make a purchase.

That’s not all. Did you know that Google takes internal links into consideration when ranking websites? By continually referring back to other content, you’re increasing the number of internal links on your site, and thus improving your SEO efforts in the process.

Though premium options do exist for all of the above plugins, you can download each of them for free, install them in seconds, and start using them to increase your web traffic in no time at all.