Just Host Hosting Review

Where other cheap hosting providers go all out to catch your attention with bold branding and near enough omnipresent marketing, Justhost strip all that away to focus on what’s really important: Great service at a low price.

As such, when you visit their website, you’ll find neither the bells-and-whistles approach adopted by GoDaddy, nor the visually-striking style of say, HostGator, though don’t let their somewhat basic, minimalist sign design fool you: Justhost certainly know what they’re doing.

Hosting packages

For those of you looking for cheap dedicated server or VPS hosting, you may be out of luck here. If Justhost do offer them, they certainly don’t brag about, instead focusing on just three simple shared hosting options.

Not that those options are anything to be scoffed at.

Typical of many leading host companies, Justhost guarantee bandwidth across all their packages, and even throw in the nice addition of unlimited domains, so you’re well served if you later decide to add new websites to your server, or if you’re planning to do more with your hosting once your initial site takes off and starts attracting big time traffic.

The company’s most purchased hosting package is the Plus plan. At the regular term price of £5.99 per month, this does away with the limitations imposed by the cheaper £3.49 p/m Starter plan on things like storage space (100GB), email accounts and subdomains.

Additional features

As you might expect, the typical one-year free domain registration comes included with all packages, as does a whole wealth of tools and features to help you really make the most out of your package.

There’s a nice drag-and-drop website builder here which, whilst it may not offer anything particularly special, at least holds its own compared to other hosting company’s in house site creation tools.

Elsewhere, advanced users can take advantage of unlimited MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, support for Perl 5, Ruby on Rails and other programming languages.

Linux only

Speaking of advanced users, those hoping for a choice between Linux and Windows based hosting platforms may be disappointed here. Justhost works solely on Linux, though from our experience, this is hardly a big concern, and shouldn’t really affect most website owners.

Ecommerce support

One thing we do like about Justhost is that they’re well equipped for eCommerce, with the choice of several shopping carts and security features to help you get your new online store up and running.

Whilst things like SSL Secure Servers and OpenPGP Encryption may sound a little complicated to some novice users, there’s plenty of advice and support to be found on the Justhost website to help you incorporate these into your eCommerce site without going crazy.

Ease of use

With Justhost, we found the whole process, from registration to site launch, very simple. The interface and navigation are clear and straightforward, and we could do almost everything with just a few clicks, making it ideal for less technically-savvy website owners.

We also liked the range of options for setting up email, the smooth, highly functional website builder that allowed us to put together a professional looking site in no time, and the support for eCommerce.

Customer support

Again, JustHost manage to do a pretty good job here. They provide fast, efficient 24/7 support services through live chat, email and phone, and in all instances enjoy a good reputation. Support requests are dealt with quickly, even at peak hours, and problems are usually dealt swiftly and smoothly.

If you’d rather tackle the problem yourself before calling on support, there’s a decent knowledgebase in place, with lots of useful article and tutorials. Especially helpful to newcomers is the ‘Getting Started Wizard,’ which talks you through every stage of setting up your hosting and publishing your website in a simple-to-follow step-by-step guide.

Our only complaint here is that none of the company’s video tutorials were available.  Given that their video pages don’t seem to have been updated for almost three years, we don’t expect to see Justhost video tutorials any time soon.

Pros of Justhost

Lack of video aside, most of what we’ve already talked about above all comes together in one neat package to provide a reliable alternative to bigger name hosting providers, all with none of the aggressive upselling or overwhelming number of packages offered by those rival firms.

By stripping everything to the core and focussing on providing good quality, affordable shared hosting plans, Justhost are likely to be the go-to  provider for those looking for a no-thrills, no-fuss service: Just give us the tools and the server space and let us get on with it, thank you very much.

Cons of Justhost

All in all, nothing particularly leaps out at us as being an absolute downside to Justhost’s service. Sure, it’s frustrating not to have video tutorials available, though what the company lack in Youtube prowess they more than make up for with the direct support provided by their agents.

If there’s one thing that does stand out as a negative point against the company, it’s the way they treat VPS as something of  an afterthought.

After originally believing Justhost didn’t do Virtual Private Servers at all (you certainly won’t find them shouting about it on their website anyway), we eventually learned -quite by accident and purely by chance- that they do.

Our verdict

Service wise, Justhost don’t really do much that the other big name providers do, it’s just that they seem to do it cheaper than some, and at prices to rival the rest.

We wouldn’t recommend them for VPS or dedicated hosting. Since they spend so little time drawing your attention to these services, we doubt they’re well equipped to provide the same kind of service as some of the top dedicated hosting providers.

That aside, with ease of use, reliability and affordability all working in their favour, Justhost are certainly a viable alternative if you’re fed up with your current hosting company.

 What others say:

“It was the price that first attracted me to Just Host, even though I was a little skeptical that such cheap hosting wouldn’t be up to scratch. Thankfully, I had nothing to worry about. I’ve been using them to host my website for a few years now without a problem, and still can’t believe what a great deal I’ve found.”
Pat Colvin, furniture store owner

“Fast, reliable service at the best price I could find where all factors in choosing Just Host. I’m very satisfied with the service I receive and find the customer support to be first class.”
Laura Pravic, freelance designer

“I shopped around and compared maybe ten or fifteen different hosting companies when choosing a home for my new website, and Just Host came out tops on all accounts. Since then, I’ve told several friends about my hosting provider, and they’re just as happy as I am.”
Ben Hancock, legal consultant