Fat Cow Hosting Review

Don’t be fooled by Fatcow’s playful demeanor and insistence on using words like ‘oodles’ throughout their website; this green hosting company are serious about what they do.

And what they do is namely pack a whole bunch of features into an attractive hosting package whilst at the same time cutting away most of the jargon and ‘technobabble’ employed by other cheap web hosting firms.

Hosting plans

Pitching themselves as the go-to provider for small and medium-sized businesses, Fatcow come right with their one-size-fits-all ‘Fatcow Original Package.’

Fitting in with the brand’s commitment to keeping things simple, this eliminates much of the headache that comes with weighing up the pros and cons of multiple packages and means you should get everything you need, all for one relatively low price.

We say relatively low, because, as you’ll see above, once you get beyond that admittedly-fantastic $40 offer for your first term, the price of renewing is at least treble that amount for an additional year.

Yet cost isn’t the only factor at play here, and it’s worth noting that for that price, you do get an awful lot of stuff.

Hosting features

Unlimited bandwidth and hosting space comes as standard, as do limitless POP3 mailboxes and your usual one-year’s free domain registration.

Beyond that, you’ve got a free online website builder and access to one-click installs of WordPress, Joomla, phpBB and tools to help you out with things like polls and surveys.

Whilst we’d like to see other popular applications such as Drupal and Magento mentioned among their features list, there isn’t much you can do with those platforms that you can’t do with the ones that are provided, so this still represents great value for new website owners.

eCommerce support

Creating a fully-functioning, safe and secure online store is as simple as following step-by-step guides and clicking your mouse.

If you’re planning to use your website to sell online, you’ll have everything you need at the click of a button, all without the hassle or cost of paying an expensive website developer.

WordPress hosting

Unlike other top hosting companies, Fatcow don’t seem to offer a tiered approach to their shared web hosting. The above package is what the brand call their ‘all-in-one solution,’ and should provide more than enough for most websites. That said, they do go out of their way to cater for WordPress site owners and bloggers with their cheap WordPress hosting options.

Boasting enhanced security, increased speed and performance and a free domain name, both Fatcow’s WP Starter and WP Essentials plans come with unlimited bandwidth and as much storage space as you could ever possibly hope to use.

The only reason we could see for going for the more expensive Essential package is the promise of personalised support and additional security, though you’d imagine that this doesn’t mean poor support and security if you only opt for the cheaper Starter plan.

VPS and Dedicated hosting

For those who do need something more, perhaps because their planning to host a particularly large, media-rich website, the company does have other alternatives on offer in the form of both Virtual Private Server (VPS) and dedicated hosting solutions.

VPS plans start at just $24.999 for 1 core processor, 1GB of ram, 40GB of storage and 1TB bandwidth. This works out a few dollars more than GoDaddy’s basic VPS plan, but does come with a free domain name and lots of other useful features.

At the top end of the scale, you’re looking at $79.99 per month for four cores, 8GB ram, 120GB of storage and a sizeable 4TB bandwidth, a worthwhile investment if you’re planning a really large site.

Ease of use

On their about page, Fatcow set their stall as a hosting provider who avoid technical jargon and focus on a simple, customer-friendly approach to web hosting.

To that end, the company certainly deliver. From their clean, clear layouts to the intuitive dashboard, down to the use of the ever-present cPanel, getting stuck into your hosting and launching a new website shouldn’t be a problem with Fatcow, and if it is, there’s plenty of help on hand to get you out of a jam.

Customer support

As you might expect from any good hosting company, Fatcow provide access to support by phone, email or live chat, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. There’s also an FAQ section and an abundance of step-by-step tutorials if you feel you can tackle an issue yourself.

Pros of Fatcow

Working in their favourite as one of the best cheap web hosting providers around, Fatcow boast 99.9% up time, meaning your site will be online right around the clock, whilst their one-size-fits-all approach to shared hosting is great for those who want to start off small and build their online presence upwards, without having to upgrade packages like you do with other providers.

Cons of Fatcow

Though they certainly pack everything a newcomer could need into their Fatcow Original Plan, we’d again like to see support for Magento and other popular platforms, though that’s perhaps a minor complaint, as is the fact that they’re not exactly the cheapest when it comes to VPS and dedicated hosting.

Our verdict

A great hosting provider for small and medium-sized businesses looking to get online with the minimal of fuss, complications and cost. That said, those looking to launch larger, high-traffic websites may be well served by looking elsewhere for their hosting needs.

What others say:

“Fatcow made it very easy for me to get a website set up without any technical skills. I signed up because they seemed to offer everything I would need at once low price, and in no time I could say that I owned my own website. Hassle free and highly recommended service.”
Christopher James, online store owner

“What I like about Fatcow the most is that they make it possible to keep my website up to date with the latest Internet standards, thanks to their impressive range of features and unlimited storage resources. With Fatcow, I never have to worry about my business being left behind in the always-changing online world.”
Kirsty Ashcroft, marketing consultant

“I’ve had a few teething problems since I first came to set up my website, though this is down to my own lack of experience. Fatcow’s support team were always on hand when I needed them and do a great job at resolving things quickly, and I can’t thank them enough.”
Amanda Kamencik, fashion designer